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University Credits
Student Fee, Dorm & Parking
Bonds Outstanding as of 7/1/18
$133.4 Million
Approx. 2017 Student Enrollment

About University of Florida Revenue Bond Programs

This is the official investor website for the University of Florida (UF) Dormitory Revenue Bond, Parking Facility Revenue Bond, and Student Activity Revenue Bond programs issued by the Florida Division of Bond Finance on behalf of the University. This website does not contain information on any debt issued through the University's Direct Support Organizations.

The bonds are issued for the purpose of financing capital projects for the University. The projects are approved by the Florida Legislature through one of two methods. Projects for health and wellness center facilities, student housing facilities, parking facilities, food service, retail sales, student activities and research and development facilities have previously received blanket legislative approval. Projects for other purposes must receive specific legislative approval. The projects are also specifically approved by the Board of Trustees of the University and the Board of Governors of the State University System.

The housing/dormitory and parking bonds are secured by the net revenues of the auxiliary system of which the project is a part. For example, housing/dormitory bonds are generally secured by the net revenues of a university's student housing system. The Student Activity Revenue Bonds are secured by student activity and service (A&S) fees. The bonds are not a general obligation or indebtedness of either the State of Florida or of the University, and the full faith and credit of the State of Florida and the University is not pledged to payment of the bonds.

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